iuVCR is a simple and powerful video capture utility using Microsoft DirectShow technology. If your computer has a TV tuner card or video capture card, then with iuVCR you can turn your computer into a digital video recorder. iuVCR allows you to record video in AVI- and WMV-files with no limit on file size, supports launching with command line keys, has settings for TV-channels, sheduler and much more.

GRBackPro is a small but functional program designed to facilitate the process of creating backup copies of data and information under Windows operating systems. GRBackPro allows you to work with several sessions at once, each of which has its own unique parameters. In each session, it is possible to set several tasks for creating copies of a whole disk, a separate folder / folders or single files. The program has a built-in scheduler. GRBackPro supports copying to network storage media, floppy disks, hard disks, CDs, DVDs, DVD-RWs, DVD-RAMs, CD-RWs, etc.