Myths & Misconceptions About Florida Slip And Fall Accidents

Approximately 1 million people visit the emergency room annually for slip and fall injuries, but not many hunts out reimbursement or legal assistance. Filing a lawsuit can sound daunting if you’ve never done it earlier, but often that is because some myths or misconceptions are encompassing personal injury suits. You can hire Floridas top slip and fall accident attorneys to protect your rights.

Myth 1: It was partly my fault so that I will not win a suit.

Simply because you feel like the mishap might have been avoidable or partly your fault, does not mean that you cannot regain some cash for damages or accidents.

Florida includes a pure comparative fault principle, which means that you may still get reimbursement for the proportion of the injury that was not your fault. So for instance, even when you have been 60 percent to blame for your slide and fall, you are still able to get paid for the 40 percent, which was not your fault.

Myth 2: I am only able to get paid for bodily harms.

Back in Florida, sufferers of slip and fall injuries can get reparation for 4 additional kinds of harm besides a concrete injury. These include:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Missing income

Myth 3: nobody understood there was a harmful illness so that I cannot get reimbursement.

If a shop owner was not conscious of the puddle of water over the ground which made you drop, it does not mean that they cannot still be held liable for the crash. A shop owner must be conscious of their property in any way times and set up warning signals if needed.

When the shop owner was conscious and did not set signs up, or chose to not clean up the spill, then you could obtain an even larger quantity of reimbursement for negligence.